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Lottery Sambad Today Result 28 January 2023

Nagaland State Lottery Result Dear 1:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Result Dear 6:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Result Dear 8:00 PM

Lottery Sambad has long been at the tip of the tongue for thousands of people. As time went by, the popularity of Lottery Sambad has only soared and grown in numbers.

This is simply because of their win ratio and the prizes they offer to the person with the winning combination. You can be entitled to thousands or even millions if you hit the right number in the right day and see your luck changes within seconds.

To keep these fans and lottery players satisfied, Lottery Sambad has changed since its inception to introduce several initiatives for people to be satisfied and win as much as they can. And, what can be better than several different draws a day? Let’s talk about that soon.

Nagaland State Lottery can’t get any easier and captivating in their offers as they seem to win more and more people over every single day.

Lottery Sambad Today Results: More Draws; More Wins

Lottery Sambad is one of the hundreds of lotteries being played all over the world which offers more than one draw to its players. Specifically, there are three draws in a single day and a single lucky winner takes the grand jackpot winning.

Here’s a list of the results you can find on the website and proceed to check your number. The timings are:

Through the ease of your computer, you can find all winning numbers and combinations for Lottery Sambad Today Results and easily match them to your chosen numbers.

With three draws being held in a single day, the chances of you actually scoring a win are doubled. Although there is only one winner through these draws, there’s still a huge chance that you might be the next person to win the Sambad Lottery.


You can make every dream come true through Lottery Sambad. How? Simply, choose a number, enter the draw, pick a time, and check the results.

So, what are you waiting for? Check Lottery Sambad Today Results now. Maybe you’re the lucky winner and can cash hundreds and thousands through this simple win.

Lottery Sambad Result:

Here you can Download Latest Lottery Sambad Result with daily Three Draw Results online. Play This Lotto result and win daily prize, many Indians Peoples buy the Ticket of Lottery sambad and win the Result of Sambad.

Lottery Sambad 2020 and Old Results:

Looking for results of Lottery Sambad 2020? Or from the past months of 2019? You can find all Lottery Sambad Old Results and other Nagaland State Lotteries in the section titled ‘Old Results’.

So, if you’ve missed checking some results, don’t worry. Simply, head over to the section, and fill in the required information. It will be the time you wish to see the result for and you can select amongst 4 PM, 11:55 AM, and 8 PM. Once done, set the date for which you wish to see the results. Next, hit the ‘search’ button.

There you go, your results are now ready and you may download them however you want. PDF, JPG and some other formats are available in which you can download the results of Lottery Sambad.

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