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Lottery Sambad Result

The lottery Sambad results come in three different times of the day. Firstly, there is a 11 am lottery Sambad result which announces the names of the winners. Second is the 4 pm lottery Sambad result while the third is the 8 pm and the last one result for the day.

The first prize is a big amount of 1 crore which one participant wins at a time. The results are officially announced at the official website of the lottery Sambad. All the participants can check their lottery ticket results and the old results too on this website at any time of the day. 

Lottery Sambad 11 Am Morning Result

Lottery Sambad 11 am morning result is easily available on the official website of the lottery Sambad. This lottery is very significant among the people around who spend a very little amount to buy a lottery ticket.

This lottery ticket offers a mega first reward of 1 crore rupees. There are further more positions which participants win but the amount is quite small for them. Lottery Sambad 11 am morning results bring good news to the winners by displaying the possible results at sharp 11 am in the morning. Because of this hype, more people take part in this lottery contest. 

Lottery Sambad 4 pm Day Result

Lottery Sambad 4 pm day result is announced everyday on the official website of lottery Sambad. It all starts when people buy lottery tickets to enter a contest with prize money of 1 crore rupees.

People want to try their luck to win the biggest lottery another in their region, so they spend INR 6 only to get a ticket and enter the contest. The 4 pm day result of lottery Sambad brings a great news to all the winners and thus, they get their lottery prize amounts. 

Lottery Sambad 8 pm Evening Result

Lottery Sambad 8 pm evening result is the third and last lottery result in a day. Afterwards, there are no further lottery prize winners announced for the day.

This lottery also contains a whooping prize of 1 crore rupees. The results are out every day at 8 pm in the evening. Participants can go to the official website of the lottery Sambad and thus check the names of all the winners in this specific lottery category.

The lottery Sambad 8 pm evening result is the last one for the day and the next day same cycle repeats itself. 

Lottery Sambad old Results 

If someone wants to check the old results of the previous lottery tickets, then it is not a big deal. The official website of lottery Sambad contains all the previous lottery results with the names and other details of the winners. The winning prize amount is also mentioned over there on the website.

Checking the old results could be important for some people which is why this option is given to the people. The website always saves the names of those winners who have ever won the Sambad lottery prizes. 


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