Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM / Evening / Night Result

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 PM

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Lottery Sambad Result 8 pm

Lottery Sambad results of 8 pm are provided on the official website of lottery Sambad. This lottery contest is so special for the people as it comes with the biggest prize amount ever. This prize amount is highly unexpected for someone who doesn’t know about this lottery ticket before.

The first prize winner of this lottery ticket is whooping 1 crore Indian rupees. Such a big prize money is like a dream for many people because there are most of the common people in India. This prize money can help them in getting settled and do a lot of things which they have always wanted to do.

Lottery Sambad 8pm Ticket

The lottery ticket is very cheap to be purchased because it’s prize is only INR 6. This amount is kept very low so that everyone could buy this lottery ticket.

lottery sambad 8pm ticket is well-known all over India because of this big prize amount. This prize amount of 1 crore rupees is given to some lucky winner who could use this prize amount for a number of purposes. They can use this movie for a lot of purposes they want because it is such a huge money amount.

There are two other lottery ticket results which are announced on the same day but the timings are different. These lottery ticket prize announcements are at 11 am and 4 pm sharp where more than 1 crore rupees rewards are distributed among the winners.

Lottery Sambad Night Result 8PM:

The official website of lottery Sambad is always available on the internet in order to show the results of the winners. Each day at 8pm sharp the night results are announced on the official website of lottery Sambad night result. This website contains the first to fifth top winners names. The prize money for the first winner is very huge with 1 crore indian rupees, while the rest of the winners only manage to get small prizes of a few thousand Indian rupees. 

The main motive of the authorities is to allow more poor people participate in this lottery contest with a hope to take home the biggest prize money. They want to help the common people who have been suffering a lot in their lives to make the both ends meet.

This is why the cost of this prize ticket is very small as compared to the other lottery tickets in India. The lottery sambad evening results are announced everyday sharp at 8pm and eventually, this is the last lottery ticket results announced in a day.

lottery sambad night results are also announced at the exact times via the official website of lottery Sambad. This lottery ticket is a kind of contest which every person wants to participate in because the biggest prize amount. It is a type of relief for many people who want to try in some lottery tickets to win the prizes but couldn’t do so because of high prices of lottery tickets. So, lottery Sambad is a great chance to invest INR 6 and win the biggest prize amount. 

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  2. Plzz ami kono din oo lottery te taka paini..ami eto takar lottery kati kintu ekdin oo paini..amake ekta number din plzz..

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  4. aaj night result 5 saim 06628 kintu amar number 6629,6630. ki korbo bujte parchi na. bar bar hazar miss hoche ata niye du bar holo .ki korbo pls suggest me

  5. Ser Ami anek din thake lottery ticket katchi kintu ak Dino pai nee ajke diyo ser 86E20485 ajke 6 tarik ker lottery 86A20356 tar por 86G 20423 tar por

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