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Lottery Sambad 4pm Result

Lottery Sambad is known as one of the most awaited lottery of each day in Kerala, India. This lottery result is announced everyday at 4 pm in the day time so that the winners could know about their victory.

This lottery 4pm ticket is so popular among the people because it has the biggest first prize of 1 crores indian rupees. This is such a big amount for the lottery ticket which costs only INR 6. A lot of people apply for this prize everyday by purchasing the lottery ticket but only one lucky winner is able to win the biggest prize amount of 1 crore indian rupees.

This lottery sambad result is announced everyday at 4pm in the day. All of the participants who have taken part in this lottery contest can visit the official website of lottery Sambad 4pm result to check out the names of the winners. There is a big first prize of 1 crore rupees and further there are small prizes for the second, third and fourth position.

Lottery Sambad DAY Result 4:00PM

This lottery sambad day 4pm prize of 1 crore rupees allows the common people to spend money in some useful way. As known that India has so much poverty, people tend to participate in the lottery prize contests more often. Similarly, there are thousands of participants everyday in lottery Sambad whose results are announced at 4 pm.

The people further use this money in setting up a business, travelling to a foreign country, building a house and investing in real estate. Hence, in this way the financial condition of the winners improve with the help of prize amount won in lottery Sambad. With the hope of winning the lottery Sambad prize amount, people participate and thus everyday thousands of lottery tickets are sold.

Price of Lottery Sambad 4PM Ticket

The price of the lottery Sambad 4pm ticket is kept as low as INR 6 because the authorities want more people to participate. The purpose of this lottery contest is to help the poor which is why only 6 Indian rupees are asked from each participate in order to get into the lucky draw. 

For the announcement of the results, the official website is given over there with the name of lottery Sambad. This website has all the old and new lottery ticket results.

The point to ponder is, there is not only one but there are two lottery Sambad results which are announced at 11 am, 4 pm and 8 pm. All of these lottery ticket results are announced at the exact timings on the official website.

There is no specific age limit or other conditions to take part in this lottery ticket. All you have to do is, buy a lottery Sambad ticket spending only INR 6, get entered into a lucky draw and wait for the results.

The results will show the name of first prize winners and the other winner names as well. No matter how hard this competition is, people still try their luck and participate in this lottery ticket contest. 

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  1. Aapki lottery faltu hai. humne bahut bar kosis ki lekin lottery ekdum bakwas hai faltu subko barvad karke chhorenge aap log

  2. Lottery is a chit fund. 5year a ki 1din amar khela ticket number porlo na amon ki comon prize seo? Isiliye lottery is a chitfund


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