Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Result 11:55 AM

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Lottery Sambad 11 am results are announced on the website straightaway without wasting a minute. The time is strictly followed up in this process so that nobody could waste their time in learning about the results. This lottery result is not published anywhere else except the official website of the lottery Sambad.

In this way, they participate in a contest where they could win some amount for free. Similarly the lottery Sambad in Kerala has been making rounds all over India because of its big prize amount.

There is a big reward of 1 crore Indian rupees which is given to the first runner of the contest. This big amount is too huge for the common people so the people participate easily. Also, the price of the ticket is also very little which is only 6 Indian rupees.

Lottery Sambad 11am Morning Result

The first result of lottery Sambad result 11am is announced at  in the morning. 1st prize and others are announced at the time same time in the morning.

There are two other times of lottery Sambad at which the results are announced which is lottery sambad 4pm result in the evening and the lottery sambad 8pm result at night. More prizes are distributed at this time through the official website of lottery Sambad. The prizes are distributed in the form of check or cash to the winners so they may utilize them straightaway.

Lottery Sambad is a great way for the common people to win the big prize amount and invest in anything they want. With such a big amount, the people can change their lives completely.

Lottery Sambad 11:55 Am Ticket

This lottery ticket results is announced everyday at 11 am sharp in the morning. This is the ideal time to announce the results because people are quite excited about knowing the results early in the morning. Furthermore, the results are announced on the official website of the lottery Sambad.

This official website contains the new and the old results of the lottery tickets so that the visitors at this website could check any result at any time. lottery Sambad has been basically based in Kerala which is situated in India. lottery ticket contest had been started to help the people win amazing prize amounts easily. 

They can buy a house, start a big business and even do investments in properties to keep earning for the rest of the life. The people of Kerala, India have a great chance to win this prize amount and turn their dreams into a beautiful reality. The lottery Sambad has so many other lottery tickets for the people which they can buy and try their luck to win money.

The government started this lottery ticket with an aim to serve the locals with big amounts in the form of a lottery. With this amount, the winners can start their business, build a home or invest in anything they want.

Lottery Sambad 11Am First Prize:

This lottery has been a great relief to everyone who has been living hand to mouth and want to get rich. This lottery ticket has a big reward of 1 crore Indian rupees. This is the first prize while the other two to three prize amounts vary. The further prize amounts so very small such as only 1000 Indian rupees and so on. Only the first prize is such a big one with a big amount of 1 crore Indian rupees.

People all over the world want to win in any type of race. When it comes to the money, they are also conscious about winning the money in any lottery tickets. In order to let people try their luck, many regions conduct the lottery ticket contests where thousands of people take part at a time and try their luck.

Lottery Sambad 11am Cheap Ticket:

Lottery sambad 11am ticket is very cheap in price as it contains a cost of only 6 Indian rupees. lottery sambad ticket amount is kept very little so that the people do not have to pay a big amount to participate in this lottery Sambad contest. That is why people take part in this contest with so many expectations to win the first biggest prize of 1 crore Indian rupees.


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  1. Main 5 years se lottery ticket khelta araha hoon aaj bhi morning ticket rs. 240/=mera gaye but kabhi bhi mera ek prize nahi hua hai please aaplok thora sa soche main dukh se likhraha hoon mera ab koi upaye nahi hai.

  2. Dear sir we parches dear company lottery tickets Las 10 years but no one single rupees come my parches ticket s lomsum 25 lakh to 26 lakhs spending in thes lottery tickets what’s going on in you internal cuttack division it will be not giving any price every body 7 to 8 lakhs selling ticket only for west Bengal 1st price second price what is going on in the your internal


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